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Patient_CRM is an Evidencebased Healthcare Managment (EBHC) system designed using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It avails EBHC based clinical protocols to clinicians at point of care.

Citizen_CRM is a system designed using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to enable delivery local government services in line with e-government standards

Consultancy work can be carried out for other sectors


Operational Areas


Industry Focus

Customet Relationship Management

The solutions are industry focused and based on experience gained in the specific sector to ensure effective support of specific business needs of an organisation


Great Britain (UK)

Products and services available in the UK.


CRM Consulting


Products and services available in Uganda.



CRM Consulting

Ad-hoc Consulting


CRM Product and Consulting Services

Domain Knowledge and Experience

The product specific based CRM solutions lower implementation costs and speed up project completion. 

Ad-hoc consulting

Ad-hoc consultation services currently include investment projects in Uganda and UK, some of the projects are listed below

Housing - greenfield projects in Uganda

Housing - Investment properties in UK

Convention Moderation UK

Hackathon collaborative work UK and Uganda